This Pizza Restaurant Makes Its Pies With Plants - Check Out Vancouver's Virtuous Pie

This Pizza Restaurant Makes Its Pies With Plants – Check Out Vancouver’s Virtuous Pie

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This pizza shop in Vancouver, Portland and Toronto is making pies out of nothing but plants!

Virtuous Pie’s menu wasn’t just designed with a vegan clientele in mind though – omnivores and meat eaters can also enjoy fine foods like a slice of Stranger Wings pizza, or a cashew based ice-cream Kombucha float.
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Virtuous Pie | Vegan Eats In Vancouver Restaurant Review

Virtuous Pie | Vegan Eats In Vancouver Restaurant Review

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In this episode of Vegan Eats In Vancouver, I visit Virtuous Pie with my friends Roxette, Tim and Jean-Luc.

This was my (much anticipated) first time eating at Virtuous Pie and it was well worth the wait! Before they had opened, I discovered their instagram account and couldn’t contain my excitement. How could a plant based pizza look SO good?

Let me tell you… the taste did not disappoint! I can’t get over the crispy thin crust along with the creaminess and taste of their cashew cheese. I have tasted a lot of good vegan food, but I have never tasted a vegan pizza that so closely resembled a non-vegan one. I have no complaints whatsoever! I ordered a margherita pizza because I’m simple like that.. but they have so many gourmet sounding pizzas with all sorts of flavour combinations. They also had two salads which I have not yet tried, but they looked delish!

The decor is absolutely gorgeous and the environment is warm and inviting. It’s a great place to catch-up with your friends.

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Virtuous Pie info:
583 Main St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2V1
(604) 620-0060

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