Binging With Babish Cooks In-N-Out and Shake Shack Clones | The Burger Show

Binging With Babish Cooks In-N-Out and Shake Shack Clones | The Burger Show

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In the world of burgers, the In-N-Out vs. Shake Shack rivalry is the stuff of legend, pitting east coast against west coast in a battle of patty supremacy. But rather than feed the fire of an old flame, Alvin Cailan is teaming up with YouTube legend Andrew Rea (Binging With Babish) to teach people how to make both of these iconic burgers at home. Better yet, they’ve devised the ultimate peace treaty: a Double Shack x Double-Double Animal-style Voltron burger. It’s a moment in burger history you won’t want to miss.

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First We Feast’s “The Burger Show” is a new web series that explores everything about modern burger culture—from the rise of Instagram-bait stunt burgers, to the enduring influence of regional styles—through the eyes of Eggslut chef, Alvin Cailan. Alvin’s breakfast-sandwich empire in Los Angeles put him on the culinary map, but it’s burgers that are his true passion. Now he’s in NYC to understand what drives his obsession, and he’s linking up with folks like Adam Richman, Matty Matheson, and Binging With Babish’s Andrew Rea to help him along the way.

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Five Guys VS Shake Shack - American Fast Food REVIEW | South Miami, Florida

Five Guys VS Shake Shack – American Fast Food REVIEW | South Miami, Florida

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I’ve been eating at Five Guys and Shake Shack for years! The only thing I was missing was to eat them back to back in order to see which one is truly my favorite!


Here is what we ate and the prices for each item!

Five Guys

Five Guys in South Miami is a five minute drive from my house. I always go with a regular cheeseburger which comes with double patties. Cajun fries which are spicier and I have never tried their milk shake so I decided to go for it!


Cheeseburger – $7.99, Small Cajun Fries – $3.29, Shake – $4.79

Shake Shack

Down the street about a one minute drive on US1 is Shake Shack. Here I went with their Shack burger which comes with lettuce, tomato, two patties and two pieces of cheese. Then one cheese fries and a black & white milkshake.


Shack Burger – $8.49, Cheese fries – $3.99 Black & White Shake – $5.29


I really enjoy both of these restaurants. They are probably the top burger restaurants in the world and both burgers blew me away. One with toppings heavy the other without but with a killer sauce. The fries definitely at Five Guys! The Shake is best at Shake Shack!

If you are ever in South Miami head to both of these restaurants and eat yourself some of the best American Fast Food in the world!

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5858 SW 81 ST
Miami, FL 33143
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Shake Shack Food Review | London Leicester Sq

Shake Shack Food Review | London Leicester Sq

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In this next installation I showcase and review Shake Shack in London Leicester Square.

Shake Shack is a fast food restaurant chain founded in New York City back in 2004. Here they serve hotdogs, burgers, french fries, frozen custard and shakes.

Unbiased Review by Riley Serola.

Enjoy 🙂

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed here are entirely my own and do not represent the views of other diners, owners or staff.




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North Sea by Riot

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6lb Fat Shack Sandwich Challenge ft.  ATLAS LOL #CrazyMagicTour - RainaisCrazy in Colorado

6lb Fat Shack Sandwich Challenge ft. ATLAS LOL #CrazyMagicTour – RainaisCrazy in Colorado

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[🇭🇰 HK VLOG PART 3] Fourth Day in Hong Kong (November 2018): MICHELIN, VICTORIA PEAK & SHAKE SHACK

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We head to Hong Kong for eight days in the November of 2018 and climbed Victoria Peak on our Michelin-starred fourth day before ending it off with Shake Shack!

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Part 5:

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All footage were shot on my Samsung Galaxy S9+.

I do not own the music used in this video. All credits go to the respective accomplished and talented artistes for their wonderful creations.

Untouchable – Falling Islands
Let’s Fly – Time System
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The Downlow Chicken Shack is a Nashville spicy fried chicken fast-food eatery on Commercial Dr. and Venables.

Prepare for a wait in line as it is very popular!

The menu is simple. Drum, thigh, breast, or wings served a few different ways, with different levels of SPICY.

What We Ordered

Chicken On A Bun (Chicken Breast Burger)

Half Bird (Four pieces, drum, wing, thigh, breast)

Fries with medium spice.

Ginger Beer

Chicken Burger
(Mild spice)
Crispy, slightly sweet glaze on breading. Mild spice was very mild forgot it was there.

Nice toppings pickle, Downlow sauce.

The potato bun is basic. Nothing special here.


Fries are ordered separate from chicken burger. Good amount of fries in a box.

Flavor is nothing special. Some sauce, but the style of fries doesn’t go well with burger. Floppy fries like McCain frozen fries. Needed ketchup.

(Skip the fries and try the other sides)

Half Bird
(Classic no spice)
Four pieces, drum, wing, thigh, breast
Good amount of meat to bone. Slightly sweet flavor glaze on breading.


Good portion size. Average prices. Could be cheaper.


Good flavors and food temperature. Very Oily.


OK. Friendly. Slow when busy. Lots of tissue dispensers.

Cash, Debit, Credit.


No soda fountain or water station.

Only bottled water, or bottled soda for sale.

Fries are not included with the burger.

Loud rap music with profanity during our visit. May not be good for children.

Overall, the chicken is the star of the show. Definitely worth repeat visits for fried chicken cravings. However somethings can be improved for the customer experience.

Address: 905 Commercial Dr,

Vancouver, BC V5L 3W8


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Seafood Shack Restaurant Review - Cortez, FL

Seafood Shack Restaurant Review – Cortez, FL

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The Seafood Shack is located at 4110 121st St W in Cortez, Florida. Visit or telephone 941-794-1235. Sip touristy drinks along the dockside patio. The restaurant is known for its grouper sandwiches and crab-cakes. Hours are 11AM-9PM and from 11AM to 10PM on Friday and Saturday. The Seafood Shack is located on the mainland side of the Cortez drawbridge. There are happy hour specials Monday through Friday form 2 PM to 5 PM. The Seafood Shack was built in 1971 and was purchased by the Vandyk group and underwent a major renovation and reinvention. The Seafood Shack is located at Marker 49 on the inter-coastal waterway. Visit during daylight to appreciate dolphins, Cortez village life, and breathtaking scenery. Music Caribbean Lobby. The Seafood Shack is located about ten minutes from Longboat Key, Anna Maria, and Tidy Island..

Restaurant Review - Fat Matt's Rib Shack, BBQ | Atlanta Eats

Restaurant Review – Fat Matt’s Rib Shack, BBQ | Atlanta Eats

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On Piedmont Road, there’s a barbecue joint that’s an Atlanta institution. Fat Matt’s Rib Shack is one of those must-visit places in the city, like The Coke Museum or the Varsity. In his visit to Atlanta in The Layover, Anthony Bourdain started his trip here, and acknowledged that to “food nerds and BBQ snobs” what Fat Matt’s serves isn’t what they’d call real BBQ. The chef, now working on ABC’s The Taste, said of Fat Matt’s, it’s like being “married to a Harvard graduate supermodel, but every once in a while you just want a really nasty girl in cheap heels with a trashy Queens accent who chews gum — I’m saying you want that, not me.”

Fat Matt’s serves up all the things you want in great Q without the embellishments and gimmicks that other places use to draw customers. No, Fat Matt’s does it by serving damn good food.

Restaurant Review - Crawfish Shack, Cajun/ Creole | Atlanta Eats

Restaurant Review – Crawfish Shack, Cajun/ Creole | Atlanta Eats

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Cajun food – REAL cajun food – right on Buford Highway? Oh yes. It’s real, and it’s spectacular. But this Cajun food comes from an unlikely source. The owner and chef, Hieu is of Vietnamese decent and you can taste some of that influence sprinkled throughout the menu. Lemongrass in the boil and lobster rolls unlike any you’ve ever had. This place is incredible. When you;re taking a journey down Buford Highway, this is a must stop.

More info on

Restaurant Review - Shake Shack, Burgers | Atlanta Eats

Restaurant Review – Shake Shack, Burgers | Atlanta Eats

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Danny Meyer’s acclaimed burger spot is finally down South! The first Atlanta location of Shake Shack opened it’s doors on Tuesday, September 30th at the new luxury development, Buckhead Atlanta. The Buckhead Shack is two stories and incorporates local ingredients from H&F Bread Company and Cacao Atlanta Chocolate Company.

For the last 10 years, Shake Shack has developed a cult-like following by serving up griddled burgers, crinkle cut fries and frozen custard.

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