Here's What Taking the Bar Exam Is Really Like

Here’s What Taking the Bar Exam Is Really Like

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(Bloomberg Law) — Bloomberg Law dropped in on Manhattan’s Javits Center on July 24, 2012 to ask dozens of people taking New York’s bar exam how they prepared and what it was like to take the test alongside thousands of would-be lawyers.

Produced, Shot, and Edited by: Josh Block
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Siena walking tour in historic center

Siena walking tour in historic center

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The historic center of Siena is an ideal place to take a walk. See more Siena movies in our playlist: Siena is a very livable city. It’s built to a human scale covering about a square kilometer which makes it small enough that you can easily walk from one end of town to the other in a single day and see almost all of the sites in between. There’s an endless variety of interesting things to see along your way. A small city, but crisscrossed by dozens of little lanes that provide many miles of picturesque strolling opportunities for the ambitious trekker. It’s fun to just wander around and get a little bit lost, up and down the back alleys and then find your way back to the main lane and the major landmarks. Siena is divided in three districts corresponding to the three ridges it sits on, North, West and East, with the Campo in the middle, the main piazza. At the north end of the main shopping lane, via Banchi di Sopra, there is a pretty little square, Piazza Salimbeni, with Europe’s oldest bank founded in 1472. Facing that is Siena’s five-star grand Hotel Continental. It’s been here over 100 years, a former palace – nice spot for a break. The next square is Piazza Tolomei, whose palazzo is the oldest private residence in town dating from the early 13th century. The piazza’s a popular place for locals to hang out and watch the passing parade. This main shopping street is worth walking from one end to the other, perhaps stopping for a bite at one of the attractive little restaurants along the way. And narrow side alleys will attract you with their charms. This street was once part of Europe’s most important medieval route, like an agent superhighway called via Francigena, which united northern Europe with Rome, always busy with pilgrims heading for the sacred city. Via Banchi di Sopra soon ends at the beautiful Loggia Mercanzia. Built in the early 1400s the loggia had been commercial Court of Justice and a money exchange house. This is the central intersection, the heart of downtown were Siena’s three main pedestrian streets come together: via Banchi di Sopra comes in from the north, then branches off to the east becoming via Banchi di Sotto, and to the west as via di Citta. The latter two, Citta and Sotto are really one street the changes name, then change again at the fringes of town. They run along tops of the three low hills that divide Siena into its three sections. At this poi nt all three districts are joined. These three streets of the widest and busiest of the pedestrian lanes in the historic center and have many buildings from the 13th through the 15th century – palaces, churches and old civic structures. Of course you will find varying kinds of find shops and restaurants throughout their lengths, which total less than one mile altogether. This is the neighborhood for easy strolling and watching the locals in action, although it does get quite full of tourists during the busy summer season. Escape the crowds by ducking into the side alleys as we will be showing you here. You’ll find that when you get off the beaten track these little lanes are a lot more residential, you’re not going to see a lot of shops or restaurants but you will notice the beautiful architecture, the old brick, the arches across the alley ways. Simple sites like local out walking her dog can be pretty entertaining when you just stop and take a look and wait for something to happen. Walking on the steep hills can be a challenge for anybody, especially if you have a dog who’s pulling you in the opposite direction. If you’re walking down you’re going to be having to turn around eventually and walk back up a hill, after all this is one of the Tuscan hill towns.

Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris - Romeo And Juliet (Real Live Roadrunning) OFFICIAL

Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris – Romeo And Juliet (Real Live Roadrunning) OFFICIAL

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Real Live Roadrunning is a concert film recorded live on 28th June 2006 at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles towards the end of Mark and Emmylous’ tour in support of their critically acclaimed album, All the Roadrunning.
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GoPro HERO6: This Is the Moment in 4K

GoPro HERO6: This Is the Moment in 4K

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Live the moment. Capture the moment. Share the moment. HERO6 is here, and the moment is now. #GoPro #GoProHERO6

Shot 100% on GoPro –

Featured Characters:
Ski/Snowboard – Chris Benchetler, Travis Rice, Torstein Horgmo

Kayak – Aniol & Gerd Serrasolses

Surf – Felicity Palmateer, Tatiana Weston-Webb, Kai Lenny, Anthony Walsh, Mikala Jones, Marlon Gerber

Freedive – Ashleigh Baird, Camila Jaber, Ocean Ramsey

Moto – Ronnie Renner

Congo – Baby Lulingu

Bali – Gloria Atanmo, Chris Rogers

Australia – Brinkley Davies & Little Bunji

USA – Rory Kramer

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“A Moment Apart”
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Special Thanks:
Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation (GRACE) Center –
Spaceport America –
Indies Trader Marine Adventures –
Andy Casagrande
Johnny Lo
Sam Evans
Goran Kugal
So Ueyama
Film In Iceland
ESRA – The Experimental Sounding Rocket Association:

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WARNING: Do not attempt. Professional driver, closed course.

Venice and Its Lagoon

Venice and Its Lagoon

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Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide | Venice, more than any other European city, has an endlessly seductive charm. For centuries, it was nicknamed La Serenissima, “The Most Serenely Beautiful One”— and for good reason. Along with sampling the sumptuous art treasures of Venice and exploring its back-street wonders, we’ll cruise its lagoon, stopping in fiery Murano for glass, pastel Burano for lace, and murky Torcello for a sense of where Venice was born.

© 2012 Rick Steves’ Europe



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Happy Thanksgiving! Here is a rather short episode where I give out some free turkey in my Bloxburg Cafe…that I made a while ago.

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Monday – Bloxburg Town Supermarket Decorating (Done!)
Tuesday – Bloxburg Kids Thanksgiving Special (Done!)
Wednesday – Bloxburg Town Build Part 4 (Done!)
Thursday – Thanksgiving Cafe Free Turkey Bloxburg Roleplay (Done!)

Note that this schedule is not 100% accurate and will be changed a lot throughout the week! It’s just an idea of what to expect…

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Recording Program: OBS Studio
Graphic Software: Photoshop CS6
Music Credit:
All music courtesy of Epidemic Sounds! (monthly subscription)

What is Roblox?
ROBLOX is an online virtual playground and workshop, where kids of all ages can safely interact, create, have fun, and learn. It’s unique in that practically everything on ROBLOX is designed and constructed by members of the community. ROBLOX is designed for 8 to 18 year olds, Roblox is Kid friendly.PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing but it is open to people of all ages. Each player starts by choosing an avatar and giving it an identity. They can then explore ROBLOX — interacting with others by chatting, playing games, or collaborating on creative projects. Each player is also given their own piece of undeveloped real estate along with a virtual toolbox with which to design and build anything.

พาเที่ยวร้าน โน้ต อุดม "DOM CAFE" ณ Think Park Chiangmai .. Happy Friday part#1

พาเที่ยวร้าน โน้ต อุดม “DOM CAFE” ณ Think Park Chiangmai .. Happy Friday part#1

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ศุกร์หรรษาพาน้องสาว1 คน กะ น้องหมาอีก1 ตัว 😃 เดินเล่นชิวๆ.. กินเค้ก กินชา กินแบบเบาๆ ไปก่อน เพราะตกเย็นจะไปกินบุฟเฟต์ที่โรงแรมยู นิมมาน ของคุณตัน (ได้เจอคุณตันตัวเป็นๆ ด้วยนะ 🤣🤣🤣🤣) to be continue ฝากรอดูต่อคลิปหน้าด้วยนะคร้าาา … พี่โน้ตมีร้าน iberry อีกร้าน อยากให้ ญ ไปถ่ายคลิปให้ดูป่าว ถ้าอยากก็คอมเม้นท์บอกไว้ได้เลยนะ 😃😃😃
อ่อ ! แก้ข้อมูลในคลิปนี้นิดนึง.. เค้กช้อคโกแลต อะ เป็น เค้กมัลเบอร์รี่ชีสเค้ก นะจ้ะ ที่รัก 😘😘😘

How To Hack All Style Special Offers For Free - My Cafe: Recipes & Stories

How To Hack All Style Special Offers For Free – My Cafe: Recipes & Stories

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Cooking, Design & Cafe Management – all with a fun story! Own a Restaurant

My Cafe is an addictive bakery & restaurant story game where you set off to help chef Ann open a classy cafe and serve her guests delicious drinks and baked goods.

Don’t forget to give me feedback guys, cause your feedback needed for next update, bug, etc that can make my mod to improve next update.

Tools :
– My Cafe: Recipes & Stories v2018.12
– Game Guardian v8.68.2
– Magisk Manager v6.0.0
– MT Manager v2.5.3

Features APK & Lua Script :
– Unlimited Coin
– Unlimited Diamond
– Refresh Offer List
– Freeze Offer Price
– Bypass Anti-Ban Local

Download APK & Lua Script :
• Limited Edition
– Armv7a [ OUTDATED ]

Disclaimer :
This video is for informational and educational purposes, only a demonstration to help the developer to make the game better and to fix bugs or glitch and not for other things.

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Lachha praatha best local breakfast of the town,zeera & kalonji praatha,crispy indian layered bread

Lachha praatha best local breakfast of the town,zeera & kalonji praatha,crispy indian layered bread

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Crispy layered indian bread,
Cumin flavored crispy layered bread,
Black caraway flavoured layered bread,
Ingredients ;
1 cup all purpose flour
1 tbspoon semolina
1 tbspoon ghee
Half teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon suger
Some hot water
For flavors ;
Half teaspoon Black caraway
Half teaspoon cumin seeds

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House Relax #2 ✭ New & Best Deep House Music | Chill Out Mix 2018

House Relax #2 ✭ New & Best Deep House Music | Chill Out Mix 2018

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01. Off Shore – Café Del Mar (Deep Guitar Remix) – 0:00
02. KTB feat. Ray Sun – Another Day In Paradise (LVD Sunset Mix) – 3:25
03. Eric Delgado – Lights in the Sky (DeeJay Highpass Edit) – 7:37
04. Skyfall 5 – Free (Deep Dub) – 11:04
05. Artspace feat. Sylvia Detmers – Far Away – 14:30
06. Kandi & Fitch – Spirit In The Sky – 18:10
07. Brooke & Stonebridge – I Want to Know What Love Is (Seashell Dub Mix) – 21:38
08. Oliver Anders – Addicted to Paradise (Instrumental Mix) – 25:06
09. Greenery feat. Shamika Cox – Take My Hand (Tropical Remix) – 29:02
10. Shoreditch – Seven Days and One Week (Highpass Edit) – 32:18
11. Loungetronic – Ready Or Not (Nu Deep Mix) – 35:20
12. Rico Van Basten – Aguas Blancas (Chill Tonic Edit) – 38:23
13. Nikolas Miyakis – Tell Me Why (Chillax Remix) – 42:01
14. Olav Swarowsky – The Best Has Yet To Came – 45:34
15. Sun Jae – Game of Thrones (Edit) – 48:47
16. Kandi & Fitch ft Jade Sommerville – To Be Free – 52:20

★ Selection & Mix by Liam Van Dyke ►

#DeepHouseMusic #ChillOutMix

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How Far Away Is It - 10 - The Milky Way (1080p)

How Far Away Is It – 10 – The Milky Way (1080p)

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Text at

In this segment of our “How far away is it” video book, we cover the structure of the Milky Way galaxy.

After a brief history of what we thought going into the 20th century and how that changed, we give a high-level description of the three main components: the galactic center with its black hole, the galactic disk with its spiral arms, and the galactic halo stretching far out in all directions.

Using the full power of the Hubble, Spitzer, and Chandra space telescopes, we take a deep dive into the center of our galaxy with its central bulge. We detail the evidence for the existence of a supermassive black hole, Sagittarius A*, at the very center of the galaxy’s core. We cover and illustrate the work done by the UCLA Galactic Centre Group in conjunction with the new Keck observatory on top of the Mauna Kea volcano in Hawaii, and the Max Plank Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Germany. This includes the obits of S0-2 and S0-102 as they approach Sag A*. A look at the G2 Gas Cloud as it approaches Sag A* is also included.

Next, we go a level deeper into the nature of a Black Hole singularity. We review electron exclusion pressure and neutron exclusion pressure forces that hold back gravity for White Dwarfs and Neutron stars respectively. When that isn’t enough, we get the collapse is total. We cover the Schwarzschild radius, event horizon, accretion disk and gamma-ray jets. In addition to the supermassive black hole Sag A*, we show a few of the solar mass black hole candidates including A0620-00, and GRO J1655-40.

We then cover the structure of the galactic disk including: the bar core, the two 3 Parsec arms, Scutum-Centaurus, Perseus, Sagittarius with its Orion Spur, Norma and the Outer Arm. We review the locations of various celestial objects we’ve seen in previous Milky Way segments, to show how close to us they are. We also cover the disk’s rotation and the Sun’s orbit. We end the galactic disk coverage by illustrating how far one would have to go to take a picture that would include what we see in our illustrations.

Next, we cover the galactic halo. We start with Sharpley’s globular cluster map that first showed that we were not at the center of the galaxy. We cover the size of the halo, the inner and outer halos orbital motion, and recent discoveries of massive amounts of Hydrogen in the halo and this findings impact on the Dark Matter debate.

We conclude with another look at the distance ladder that took us across the galaxy.


Meghan and Harry's local charity shop where Royal Family donate clothes to RAIDED

Meghan and Harry’s local charity shop where Royal Family donate clothes to RAIDED

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 The Oxfam Kensington and Chelsea Borough store, near the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s palace, had £300 worth of designer good stolen. The branch – 10 minutes from Kensington Palace – is dubbed Britain’s poshest charity shop and is said to have received donations from the Royal Family. Princess Michael of Kent and the Duchess of Gloucester are among the shop’s donators. But there is no indication anything the royals have donated to the shop were stolen in the burglary last month.  The thief let himself in to the shop on August 7 with a key left in a cafe opposite, which kept a spare set. He had entered the cafe and told them he was a volunteer working at the shop who had come to collect the keys. Coffee shop staff then handed them over before he let himself into the charity shop an hour before it opened at 10am and loaded goods into a van parked outside.  A source told the Sun: “There is so much money round here that people would take in Gucci clothes. “Royals like Princess Michael of Kent and the Duchess of Gloucester have even apparently donated items. “Everyone locally knows they leave the key nearby as they have so many volunteers in on different days.” The source added: “But this is a scandalous way for Oxfam to treat their security.”  Oxfam said in a statement: “A small number of items were stolen from the Gloucester Road shop in a burglary last month. “These donations could have helped raise money for Oxfam’s life-changing work fighting poverty around the world. We are working with the police in their investigation.” The London Metropolitan Police say no arrests have been made and have asked for anyone with information to contact them.

NYC FOOD TOUR | Best Food New York City

NYC FOOD TOUR | Best Food New York City

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I am a MASSIVE foodie, and in this video I show 10 of the best restaurants I went to in New York City in February 2018!

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The Bagel Store
The Doughnut Project
Junior’s Cheesecake
Hershey World
Joe’s Pizza
Kellogg’s Café
The blue ice cream was a healthy ice cream place called Snow Days (sorry I forgot to put that on screen)
Skylark Bar
Max Brenner
City Cakes NYC

Levain Bakery
Fuel Grill (this will be in the next video)
Dig Inn

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