"There are no cars left," they said | Barn Find Hunter - Ep.39

“There are no cars left,” they said | Barn Find Hunter – Ep.39

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Tom Cotter’s 1939 Ford Woodie wagon comes to the rescue once again in this week’s episode of Barn Find Hunter. While Tom is having lunch in Midland, Texas, a man takes kindly to the old Woodie and strikes up a conversation that leads to a whole day’s worth of finds. The tip yields plenty of cool hot rods as well as a Plymouth and Pontiac that could be sale… for right price, of course.

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Dirty hotel rooms: Hidden camera shows what really gets cleaned (CBC Marketplace)

Dirty hotel rooms: Hidden camera shows what really gets cleaned (CBC Marketplace)

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Originally broadcast October 18, 2013

Marketplace is checking back in to six of Canada’s largest hotel chains, testing to see if they have cleaned up their act after we revealed The Dirt on Hotels last year. Are the stains on the sheets and walls gone? Are the bathrooms and ice machines free of bacteria? Despite promises to address the shocking conditions, bedroom surprises still lurk in some of Canada’s most popular hotels.

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15 Hidden Secrets & Best Places in Amsterdam

15 Hidden Secrets & Best Places in Amsterdam

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Ultimate 15 hidden secrets, things to do and best places to visit in this travel guide loaded with tips for Amsterdam which I carefully selected. Subscribe to my channel ► for weekly videos!

Complete list:
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– Addresses
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Start off your journey through Amsterdam at Wynand Fockink, taste room located in a back alley at dam square which is a must-see!

Grab some fresh herring at Henk’s Herring, a local delight! For more crazy food adventures, check out my recent article: 5 Crazy Foods You Wouldn’t Dare To Eat!

The public urinals in Amsterdam may seem disgusting to some, but the locals love em’, known in Dutch as ‘De Krul’ and have been in Amsterdam since 1880. At least 15 people die annually while peeing into an Amsterdam canal due to being often drunk and falling in.

For dinner go to Blue Amsterdam panorama restaurant, a true hidden gem in Amsterdam, which offers the best view of the city, they serve amazing local comfort food and drinks.

Vincent van Gogh Museum has 1.5 million visitors per year, and the best time to go is Friday evening when you can enjoy live DJs, a live art show.

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My Travel Blog – doctourer.com

Bali is emerging to be a very popular destination for so many people now. People and Vloggers are only going to the common touristy places and are doing common things

We have discovered some really awesome hidden gems, reviled local secrets and gone to complete off beat places.

1. Rent a Scooter in Bali – To really get a feel of modern day Bali you must rent out a scooter.

2. Local Food and Cafes -The main island of Bali is extremely famous for its local flavors and very unique food scene

3. Night and Club Life – Bali to begin with has some of best bars and clubs around.

4. Cliffs – Bali is filled with beautiful cliffs and perfect for Instagram goals. Usually no one talks about cliffs when you plan a trip to Bali, but I think it a must. Some of the cliffs are extremely difficult to get to and you will need a considerable amount of fitness to reach them. Some of the cliffs I recommend are

Karang Boma cliff in Uluwatu
Blue lagoon in Nusa Ceningan
Kelingking beach in Nusa Penida
Cliff overlooking Peguyangang and Seganing waterfall – These are very difficult to get to so you must have decent hiking shoes and fitness.

5. Waterfalls – Waterfalls are really easy to come across in Bali. But the one’s that stand our are the ones where you really have to beat the crowds and are not easily accesible.

My Favorite – Tegunungan, Sekumpul, Nung Nung, Aling Aling – On bali Mainland

Seganing and Peguyangan on Nusa Penida

6. Snorkeling – Snorkeling in and around Bali can be very rewarding as there is a wide array of marine life within a small area.

7. Shopping -Bali really is a shopper’s paradise.

8. Villa Life – I’m sure there are tons of hotels and resorts in and around Bali, but i really love the villas they have to offer.

9. Natural Wonders – My Favorites are – Devil’s Tear, Angel’s Billabong, Broken Beach, Blue Lagoon, Kelingking beach.

10. Nusa Islands – You must understand that Indonesia is so much more than just Bali.

11. Gili Islands – North of the Nusa islands and 2.5 hours away via ferry are the Gili islands.

12. Sunsets – I think Indonesia does the best sunsets and there is not better place in the world to experience a better sunset.

13. Infinity Pools – Be it natural or man made Bali has it all.

14. Volcano –Like I mentioned before, the island of Bali actually formed by years of volcanic activity. Check out Mount Batur Trek

15. Surfing – Bali is also a surfer’s paradise. It has waves for experts, competitions and even for beginners and is the fantastic place to learn surfing.

16. Rice Fields – Yes, rice fields are pretty good in and around Bali.

17. Swings – Since Bali has become the best destination for Instagram goals there are so many of these swings around for you to get the perfect picture.

18. Coffee Plantations – Along with rice there are plenty of coffee plantations as well.

19. Scuba Diving and Padi License – Like any other south east Asian country, scuba diving and water activities are at the top of to do list.

20. Gates and Temples – Like India, there are a lot of temples in and around Bali.

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People Try STARBUCKS For The First Time | Hidden Camera, Why Teenage Girls Became Youtubers, etc.

People Try STARBUCKS For The First Time | Hidden Camera, Why Teenage Girls Became Youtubers, etc.

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hello~howaya :)))

I tried Starbucks For THE FIRst time!!!!!
and the staff caught me filming???

fun lil vlog 🙂

so yet again I got copyright-ed off of the artsy intro I had going on…
so that’s what happened.
yes. the intro you just saw.

it’ll just be more sneaky next time :); *wow grammar*

this is just what goes on inside my head…



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stay happy.
be happy.
that’s all we really need.

I make these just cuz of one thought…

“…most ppl u meet in life, u won’t see them again.”


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so yall don’t go hard on meh ;))))))

i need suggestions!

i’m more confident speaking english. TMI.

xoxo, Athena

Lviv: The Hidden Coffee Capital

Lviv: The Hidden Coffee Capital

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Just over a century ago the city of Lviv, in western Ukraine, lay within the Austro-Hungarian Empire and today it still boasts many Viennese-style cafes. But it’s not just conversation that Lviv’s coffee addiction has fuelled. The FT’s Natalie Whittle travels to the city and discovers the story of a cafe that helped prize winning mathematicians to solve some of their toughest problems

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Spanish police discover migrants hidden in mattresses

Spanish police discover migrants hidden in mattresses

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Spanish border officials at the country’s frontier with Morocco in Melilla uncovered two migrants trying to enter the country while hidden in mattresses…
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Bucharest STREET TOUR! - Secret Cafes & Hidden Street Art! (Bucharest, Romania)

Bucharest STREET TOUR! – Secret Cafes & Hidden Street Art! (Bucharest, Romania)

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We’re having a blast exploring Bucharest, Romania! In our previous video, we stuffed our faces with Romanian food, but today our goal is to see more of the city and all the beautiful street art it has to offer!


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Filipino HALAL Food Tour! The HIDDEN Muslim Eateries of Davao, Mindanao! *Mountain Dew*

Filipino HALAL Food Tour! The HIDDEN Muslim Eateries of Davao, Mindanao! *Mountain Dew*

Views:549146|Rating:4.89|View Time:12:53Minutes|Likes:13600|Dislikes:306
Quiapo Market in Manila! →

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Location 1:
ANTE Movina’s Eatery

Location 2:
Rebecca’s Halal BBQ

Location 3:
Tin Hat

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Living In The Hidden Tunnels Of Las Vegas

Living In The Hidden Tunnels Of Las Vegas

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Watch How Fecal Transplants Save Lives:

Shine A Light collaborates with Help of Southern Nevada. To help Matthew O’Brien and Shine A Light make a difference for the homeless, click to donate or volunteer:

Seeker Stories takes a deep look at some of the world’s most unique individuals, places, and cultures. These short documentaries set out to expand our perspective and transform our understanding of the world.

Matthew O’Brien, an expert on the underground flood channels of Las Vegas, makes one of his regular visits to the tunnels with the Seeker team to experience the hardship, lifestyle, and creativity of those who live in them.

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$2,000 CASH Hidden At Starbucks!!!!

$2,000 CASH Hidden At Starbucks!!!!

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We have hidden $2,000 at a Starbucks! Best of luck in your search.
Comments will be updated with clues until it’s found. Feel free to share with friends and family if the location is too far from you..

Why would I do this? 1.) I’m Crazzzzy. 2.) Why not? It could be great advertising… If it works, I’ll do it again with more $$$, If it doesn’t, I tried……………………………………….

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Guess That Hidden Talent (GAME) Ft. Rob Riggle

Guess That Hidden Talent (GAME) Ft. Rob Riggle

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Can Rob Riggle match strangers to their hidden talent? GMM #1326.1
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