Boat Trip - Amsterdam 2018

Boat Trip – Amsterdam 2018

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Tips & Link :
Hop on Hop off boat
Hard Rock cafe :
Blue Amsterdam :
Amsterdam Museum
Fo Guang Shan Tempel :
Red Light District
Cannibale Royale Ruysdael :
Waterkant :
Stedelijk Museum :
Centraal station / Ferry
Pllek :
Sea Palace Restaurant :
Nemo Science museum :
Magere Brug
De Pijp
A’DAM Lookout :
Paradiso :



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Come wander with me in the first cat cafe of the Netherlands: Kopjes in Amsterdam!

Welcome to my channel! My name is Waiyi and I am going to study in Hong Kong for a half year. I am really excited and I can’t wait to see where this adventure will take me.
If you are interested in my study abroad experience in Hong Kong, feel free to wander with me ♡


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9 Reasons to Visit AMSTERDAM!! (canals, coffee shops, bikes and bridges)

9 Reasons to Visit AMSTERDAM!! (canals, coffee shops, bikes and bridges)

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We stopped by AMSTERDAM for less than 10 hours and already need to make plans to come back! Amsterdam is beautiful and a great city to explore for the weekend!! Coffee shops, canals, bikes, brides are just a few reasons to visit this historic city on the water!

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Boom baby Let’s Go!!!!!!!

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FEBO Amsterdam fast food machine review, dutch battered snack taste test Netherlands

FEBO Amsterdam fast food machine review, dutch battered snack taste test Netherlands

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When you stay in Holland for a while for start to understand why they have the FEBO fast food machines, it’s the ultimate street food experience just like a slot machine or food despencer, a true cultural diversity. subscribe 4 more fast food, candy and restaurant reviews here: blog: instagram:

15 Hidden Secrets & Best Places in Amsterdam

15 Hidden Secrets & Best Places in Amsterdam

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Ultimate 15 hidden secrets, things to do and best places to visit in this travel guide loaded with tips for Amsterdam which I carefully selected. Subscribe to my channel ► for weekly videos!

Complete list:
– Download my Amsterdam maps
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– Addresses
– Extra tips & advice

Start off your journey through Amsterdam at Wynand Fockink, taste room located in a back alley at dam square which is a must-see!

Grab some fresh herring at Henk’s Herring, a local delight! For more crazy food adventures, check out my recent article: 5 Crazy Foods You Wouldn’t Dare To Eat!

The public urinals in Amsterdam may seem disgusting to some, but the locals love em’, known in Dutch as ‘De Krul’ and have been in Amsterdam since 1880. At least 15 people die annually while peeing into an Amsterdam canal due to being often drunk and falling in.

For dinner go to Blue Amsterdam panorama restaurant, a true hidden gem in Amsterdam, which offers the best view of the city, they serve amazing local comfort food and drinks.

Vincent van Gogh Museum has 1.5 million visitors per year, and the best time to go is Friday evening when you can enjoy live DJs, a live art show.

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La CANNABIS ad Amsterdam | #2

La CANNABIS ad Amsterdam | #2

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Bella ragazzi e bentornati sul mio canale! Oggi sono tornato con il secondo vlog da Amsterdam dato che sto passando il capodanno qui. Spero che il video vi piaccia, ricordate di lasciare un bel like ed un commento ♥

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14 Tips for an AWESOME Trip to Amsterdam

14 Tips for an AWESOME Trip to Amsterdam

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Known as the “Venice of the North,” join me as I show you one of my favorite cities in the world.

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Known as “Venice of the North,” join me as I show you one of my favorite cities in the world.

Featured In this video:

The Pancake Bakery
The Pantry
Cafe de Klos
Little Collins


The Jordaan
De Pijp
The Red Light District (De Wallen)

Donkey Republic (bike rental) (boat tour)
Rent-a-Bike (Bike Rental)

Duviel (Amsterdam’s first hip-hop bar)
Snappers (Great local bar)
Rembrandt squares (Lots of nightclubs)

Katsu Coffeeshop
Coffeeshop Yo-Yo


Zaanse Schans
Kasteel de Haar

Amsterdam: What To Know Before Going

Amsterdam: What To Know Before Going

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Amsterdam is most commonly known for its red light district and weed culture. Despite this, we set out to show you a completely different and unique side of the city that you may not’ve known existed.

The city is bursting at the seams with culture, history, and a diverse range of leisure activities such as boat cruises, whole body cryo centres and other social activities. Not to mention the diverse range of restaurants, cafes and bars.

Our experience in the city of Amsterdam was incredible, and certainly worth the trip there. It’s certainly a city we’d recommend visiting during your next planned trip.

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Egelantiersgracht 18-C1015 RL AMSTERDAM

Jennifer Tosch & Black Heritage Tour –

Airbnb –

Bulls & Dogs – @bullsanddogs
Van Woustraat 58, 1073 LN Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam Lookout –
Overhoeksplein 5, 1031 KS Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mook Pancakes –
De Clercqstraat 34, 1053 LB Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bukky Ayo –
Check out her exotic dance classes –

CiCi –

The W Hotel – Spuistraat 175, 1012 VN Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Backpacks – High Spirit:

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girl i tripped hard in amsterdam.. my leg was super bruised and bloody from the fall. wait what did you think I was talking about?!! 😉 not THAT kind of trippin.. get yo head outta the gutter
sorry if this vlog is kinda sloppy, I didn’t have all the files, which is why the vlog starts when we’re already in amsterdam.. but I hope you guys enjoy anyways. I said that I couldn’t upload this vlog but I decided to put these all together, so here’s the two day vlog of us going from amsterdam to germany!


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AMSTERDAM: Why it’s so efficient as a city

AMSTERDAM: Why it’s so efficient as a city

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Besides canals, cafes and bikes, what else do we really know about the urban form of Amsterdam? This video has a look at the current planning of the city, why it is the way it is and what is going to happen in the future.

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Marijuana In Coffee Shops? | THE AMSTERDAM VLOG #1

Marijuana In Coffee Shops? | THE AMSTERDAM VLOG #1

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You Can Only Buy Marijuana In Coffee Shops In Amsterdam? The Amsterdam Vlog #1

A new venture… In addition to acting and filmmaking, I’m delving into the wonderful world of vlogging. This is my very first vlog in the new year, with new videos every week!

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Day two is live:

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🇳🇱 Red Light District 🇳🇱 | Things To Do in AMSTERDAM

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We partnered up with to show you all the craziest areas and hidden secrets of Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

In this video, we’ll give you some insight to the District, show you some things to look out for on the walk and, generally, give you a little snapshot of the places you’ll be taken on this eye-opening experience.

We thoroughly recommend it, as a curiosity if nothing else!

If you want to know more about the top things to do in Amsterdam, check out this video:

Then we have Ten Top Tips in 1 Minute:

And, last but not least, our *essential* guide to Amsterdam, which is a must-see before you head off on your travels:

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Yeah, you can go in but it’s not the cleanest place in Amsterdam!
Oh god.
Oh, there are tissues. I was like oh, wonder why there aren’t tissues…there are.

Our walk with Amsterdam Red Light Disctrict was definitely the most memorable experience we had while in Amsterdam. From just €15 per person for a 90 minute tour, local guide Elard will show you all of what the area has to offer. And we mean all of it…

Here are six of the craziest facts and sights from the tour.

The tour kicks off in Dam Square, quickly taking you to the first stop, the world’s first condom shop.

It was founded in 1987, in the late 80s, in the time when there were more STDs in the city. Nowadays I would say that people here in Holland are much better informed. The Dutch have a quite liberal and Dutch approach when it comes down to sex education.

The Red Light District is known locally as De Wallen and it’s the oldest part of Amsterdam. The church at its centre, Oude Kerk, or the ‘old church’ is the oldest building in the city. The church is surrounded by brothels and is one of the only places in the world where you’ll find them in such close proximity to religious buildings.

Concern about the growing size of the Red Light District has led to the government looking to reduce the number of brothels and cabins in the area. “There’s a big decrease in brothels and there’s the goverment’s plan to change the neighbourhoods, add more variety.”

Many forms of brothels have been converted into cafes and bars. One has even been turned into a hangover cure centre.

One of the weirdest places the tour took us was the last peep show in Amsterdam. Elard explained that this used to be a place that people could come to watch videos and live shows but the internet has pretty much ended the trade in places like this. It was empty inside and quite a bizarre experience. “It’s totally empty, no one is here.”

Hollands largest chain of coffee shops got its start in the Red Light District. Bulldog was founded in 1975 and is now a tourist favourite, with ten shops spread across Amsterdam.

Of course, the craziest things in the Red Light District were off-limits for our cameras. The sex workers do not like being filmed under any circumstances, so there were many times that we had to stop recording. We need to put the cameras away.

Open brothels and the narrowest alley in Amsterdam are two examples of the sights that we just can’t show you. To see more, you’ll have to visit for yourself!