PART 4-Amazing Ulavacharu Biryani-New Satyam Restaurant

PART 4-Amazing Ulavacharu Biryani-New Satyam Restaurant

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Hey Food lovers!
The FOOD MONKS here! 

noun: food; plural noun: foods
Any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink or that plants absorb in order to maintain life and growth.
Food is one of the best way to connect, Finding (any) food is easy, however finding the best food is really tough. We took this privilege to bring the best places to eat! 
We are 2 enthusiats from southern part of India, Hyderabad. (City of Nawabs), grew together for 20 years and love to eat and travel. 
Just a click away, you will find review/rating on all cuisines.

This complete series is dedicated to Visakhapatanam(VIZAG) and there are many parts that gonna be uploaded.

This particular video is a delicious and mouth watering review of New Satyam Restaurant from the house of Sai Ram Parlour-A great food joint in Vizag.

Food Monks tasted their 2 signature Biryani dishes.

1. Ulavacharu Chicken Biryani

2. Kalmi Biryani

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Thrive life freeze dried foods review

Thrive life freeze dried foods review

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Twitter is so cool! I found this lovely gal named Deena that is a consultant for Thrive Life Freeze Dried Foods and she was kind enough to send me some to try!

What cool foods for regular life or disaster preparedness! There’s all sorts of stuff they offer from snacks (the parfait in the video is fantastic) to big #10 cans of veggies, fruits, or even staples like yeast and butter powder! If you’re looking for some great options for long term freeze dried food storage, be sure to check out Deena’s link and get some Thrive Life Foods!

Il racconto di Miguel: "Io insultato e riempito di sputi perché nero, ma vivo in Italia da 18 anni"

Il racconto di Miguel: “Io insultato e riempito di sputi perché nero, ma vivo in Italia da 18 anni”

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– Hai una storia da raccontare? Scrivici:


Miguel Reyes Ross è un ragazzo di 29 anni nato a Santo Domingo, ma da ben 18 anni vive in Italia. E’ sposato con una ragazza italiana ed i due hanno un figlio di 9 anni. Due giorni fa Miguel è stato vittima di insulti razzisti sull’autobus. Un’aggressione fisica e verbale da parte di un’anziana signora, che gli ha anche sputato addosso gridando “Negro di merda, torna al tuo paese”. Il ragazzo dopo aver ricevuto diversi insulti e improperi ha registrato con il suo telefonino quello che stava accadendo, pubblicando poi tutto sul suo profilo Facebook.

Three Trendy Poke Bowl Cafes for Sale in Sydney, New South Wales

Three Trendy Poke Bowl Cafes for Sale in Sydney, New South Wales

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Perfect for scaling up, this creative concept can be franchised or wholesaled to retail outlets. Or any one of these already profitable cafés will suit an owner operator.

Low in calories…

This is a rapidly growing, popular health food sector at the beginning of its life cycle. Originating in Japan and adapted in Hawaii, it has of recent times been popularised in the USA. Now it’s being embraced by health-conscious Australians. And it’s easy to see why. It fits in to a modern, urban lifestyle. Because the cafes are casual, the service is fast and the food is low in calories and high in nutrition. It’s fresh, healthy and simply delicious.

Consider these attributes of the opportunity:

A creative brand with three profitable locations;
Modish systems and procedures for eat-in, take-away and delivery via Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Hey You;
A low labour cost;
Simple to operate with no requirement for chefs;
Opening and closing procedures are straightforward;
Uses locally-sourced ingredients from a short list of suppliers;
A unique combination of ingredients to create the ultimate poké bowl. Or customers can design their own;
A range of heathy drinks to complement the food; and
Up-to-the minute marketing & advertising.

Everything’s been systemised and simplified. So there’s no experience necessary.

And high in profits…

Although still young, the three locations are already profitable. Approximate annual PEBITDA is:

Cronulla: $260,000; Paddington: $137,000; Surry Hills: $126,000

Just imagine what they’ll be when they’re even more established!

These cafes for sale are perfectly suited to an owner operator. The seller will assist and support during the transition period.

And if the idea of franchising the concept appeals, this is the perfect starting point. Purchase all three and replicate it to select locations across Sydney. Or NSW. Even the whole country!

But first you should get in touch with the exclusive broker and learn more about this opportunity.

FOR SALE: Cronulla: $325,000; Paddington: $175,000; Surry Hills: $158,000

Click on the FIND OUT MORE icon, call the exclusive broker, Michael Vitullo on 0402 436 337

or email [email protected]

Benchmark Business Sales & Valuations

Valley woman says she found a lizard in her Starbucks

Valley woman says she found a lizard in her Starbucks

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Says she will never go back again.

ABC15 is your destination for Arizona breaking news, weather, traffic, streaming video and in-depth coverage to keep you informed throughout the day.

Our mission is simple. ABC15 is Taking Action to make Arizona an even better place to live.

For more download the ABC15 mobile app:


Hired or Fired: Hotelier For A Day

Hired or Fired: Hotelier For A Day

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*NEW SERIES* In this first episode of Hired Or Fired, Xenia takes on the challenge of being a Hotelier for a day. Will Xenia be able to live up to the hotel’s expectations? Watch to find out!

Thank you Grand Copthorne Waterfront hotel for letting us work as a hotelier for a day!

For more information on the job opportunities that the hotel industry has to offer, visit:

Hired Or Fired is a brand new series on TSLTV where Xenia takes on different jobs or occupations that are interesting or uniquely Singaporean!

This video was shot exclusively with SONY’s mirrorless range of cameras and lenses. Check out their awesome gear here:


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Featuring (in order of appearance):
Xenia Tan –

Produced and Filmed By:
Adli Zuhaily –
Alison Tan –
Sepideh Zolfaghari –

Edited By:
Alison Tan

drive with me | Old Playlist, Coffee Stop, Fun Times:)

drive with me | Old Playlist, Coffee Stop, Fun Times:)

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×××××× աҽӏϲօʍҽ ××××××

եհɑղƙ վօմ տօ ʍվϲհ ƒօɾ աɑեϲհíղ!!!

💥——— today’s video is a drive around with me, chatting & what not——— 💥

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❤️Portugal❤️ 21/12/2018 Primeiro dia de vários! Estas à espera de quê? ❤️

❤️Portugal❤️ 21/12/2018 Primeiro dia de vários! Estas à espera de quê? ❤️

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We’re introducing all the 16 players of the KLASK World Championship 2018 tournament.

Time to meet Andrew Steele, representing the USA! 🇺🇸 He lost the final last year, does he have what it takes to become the World Champ now?

The KLASK World Championship tournament is the biggest and most prestigious event in the KLASK calendar. It’s set to take place on September 8th, 2018 in Helsinki, Finland. The tournament will bring together the global top 16 players competing for the right to claim the title of best KLASK player in the world!

The tournament venue, Kallio Stage, is located in hip Kallio district of Helsinki. It’s a black box performance space built into a traditional theatre environment to ensure a fantastic in-person and at home experience for the fans – nobody puts on a better show in gaming! As always, the KLASK After Party is one not to miss!



Late December 2013, after long days and nights spent in his workshop, Danish carpenter Mikkel Bertelsen had something truly unique in his hands- a wooden tabletop game with magnets which one steers under the board. Just in time for the holidays, he made a few copies of the game as Christmas presents for some of his friends.

Soon after, the word spread through the country and orders from individuals, cafes, bars, and offices started to pour in. The following year, Mikkel built more than 3,000 copies of the game by hand in his garage. KLASK has been a smash success ever since!

KLASK has a worldwide following with official tournaments being held at 16 different countries leading to the World Championship tournament in Helsinki, Finland. Along with official tournaments; bars, breweries, game stores and clubs across the world have started running their own KLASK events. Some actually know it as the Danish National Sport!

From a small workshop in Denmark to worldwide distribution, KLASK has become an award-winning global phenomenon.

KEW GARDENS - Day Trips from Central London

KEW GARDENS – Day Trips from Central London

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We explore what is on offer at the Royal Botanic Gardens or Kew Gardens – The Hive, The Palm House, The Princess of Wales Conservatory, The Treetop Walkway.

In the winter, while not in full bloom, you can benefit from a quieter experience, cheaper prices and still enjoy a great day outside of Central London.

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